Photoshop Light Leak Effects Tutorial

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Learn how to capture light leaks in Photoshop with our beginner-friendly tutorial! Get creative and get a vintage look by adding a light leak effect to your photo! Or use the free light leak layer from the light leak pack for a quick fix!

Photoshop Light Leak Effects Tutorial

Light leaks have become a nostalgic element in the world of photography as they create a vintage feel. Dating back to the days of film photography, light leakage was initially viewed as an undesirable defect caused by accidental light exposure. However, over time, photographers embraced these flaws and transformed them into a different and challenging aesthetic. Nowadays, light leaks are not just a coincidence. It has become a conscious and creative tool for digital image enhancement.

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Both Photoshop and Lightroom offer the ability to create light leak effects for your photos without using destructive editing techniques; but the former not only allows you to use a wide variety of tools, filters and blending modes, you can also use layers for maximum effect. Get it experience and customization of light emission layers. However, Lightroom can be a simpler process as you can use presets and simple masks to create the effect.

Following the Lightroom tutorial we will show you how to create a light leak in Photoshop. While it’s a bit more complex in Lightroom, there are many changes and adjustments available in Photoshop. To take away some of this hassle, we’ve created 50 free photoshop layers you can use to quickly create a light leak effect. Download them using the form below.

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There are two different ways to show you light leaks in Photoshop. Both methods use layers and blending modes to create a light leak effect in your photos. Creating light leak layers in Photoshop can be a complicated process, so to save you time, we’ve created 50 free light leak layers for you to download and use! Download them using the form above, and instructions on how to use and create them in Photoshop are below.

Light Leaks Photo Overlays !! Photo Editing Tutorial !! Photoshop Overlay

If necessary, add the adjustments you need to your photo, such as adjusting levels, curves, and removing blemishes.

Open the folder containing the layers you received from us. Choose the one you like and drag it over your image. It appears as a separate layer in the layers table.

Make sure your layer is selected in the Layers panel, then go to Edit > Free Transform (Ctrl/Cmd + T) to access the Free Transform tool. Resize the layer to fit your image.

Again, make sure the layer is selected in the Layers panel, then adjust the Blending Mode and Opacity sliders until you get the effect you want.

Free Light Leaks For Photoshop

Start by launching Photoshop and opening the image you want to work on. Duplicate the background layer (Ctrl + J or Command + J) to keep the original and make changes to the new layer.

Make basic adjustments to your image, such as blurring, burning, and blurring, as needed. You can also use the Camera Raw option for quick sliders to permanently adjust the exposure of your image based on the light leak effect. This step can be customized to fit your photography needs, workflow, and editing style.

Add a new fill layer (Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color) and set the color to black. Change the Blending Mode to “Color” and name the layer “Black Layer” or similar. This layer forms the basis for the gradients of the light scattering layer.

Create a new layer above the fill layer (Shift + Ctrl + N or Shift + Command + N). This layer will be the canvas for adding light leaks.

How To Create Light Leaks In Lightroom

Open the black layer view to see which parts of the image you want to add the light leak effect to. Select the ‘Gradient Tool’ (G) from the toolbar. Experiment with different tones, focusing on reds, blues, yellows and magentas to achieve the desired vintage effect.

Use gradient sliders to control color distribution and adjust opacity to create subtle or noticeable light leaks. For radial gradients, make sure the left side is set to 100% opacity to avoid an unwanted “ring” gradient. Remember that you’ll be adjusting the blending modes later, so if the gradients look a little harsh at this point it’ll get better later; Trust the process!

Merge the black fill layer and light leak layer together (Ctrl + E or Command + E), making sure the light leak layer is on top to create a light leak layer. Rename the merged layer “Like Lek” for clarity. At this point you can save a jpeg copy of the light leak layer to use in later projects, but be sure to turn off the visibility of other effects first.

Each blending mode will have a different effect on the light leak layer; Experiment to see which one looks best in your photo.

Nature Light Leak, Sun Flare Overlay Graphic By 3motional · Creative Fabrica

Try blending techniques like Lighten, Screen, Color Dodge, and Linear Dodge on the Light Leak layer. Adjust the opacity of the “Light Leak” layer to fine-tune the intensity of light leak in your image. This step is important to achieve the desired whitening effect as it makes it appear as if the exposure of the image has changed where there are light leaks in the layer.

If you think the effect is a little too intense in some areas, you can change the opacity of certain areas of the layer using a mask. Click on the mask image and brush tool; Make sure the brush color is black. Change the brush opacity to about 25% and the feather to full. With the mask selected on the layer, use the brush tool to reduce the opacity of the mask in specific areas you want to reduce.

Clean up the light leak layer using adjustment layers. Go into the Color/Spacing, Color Balance, or Curves settings to adjust the colors, tones, and curves in the light output. To implement good layer organization, group these adjustments with the Light Leak layer (Ctrl + G or Command + G) and name the group “Light Leak”.

Add grain and vignette to enhance the vintage feel. Create a new layer and apply the grain filter (Filter > Noise > Add Noise). Try different levels for a mild or intense effect. Create a new layer for the vignette and use the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) to select the center of the image, invert the selection (Ctrl + Shift + I or Command + Shift + I) and apply a feather mask.

Free Film Grain Light Leak Overlay Templates

Congratulations! You’ve successfully transformed your image in Photoshop by adding light leaks and giving it a vintage look. This comprehensive guide provides detailed steps to help you navigate each step of the creative process. Feel free to adjust the steps, make additional adjustments, and let your creativity flourish as you continue to create a unique digital image editing style.

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Hello, I’m Mark Newton and I’m a photographer, educational speaker, author, photography teacher, and founder of The Photography School. Follow my personal work on Facebook and Instagram. Whitening is one of the most effective ways to add romance and atmosphere to a photo, and it’s surprisingly easy to achieve if you know how! We’ll share a secret with you – Photoshop Actions and Light Leak Layer PNGs are a very quick and easy way to use this beautiful effect and require very little experience for even the most professional results.

In this article you will find a list of twenty amazing Photoshop light leak actions, layers and PNG movie clips that you can add to any image, allowing you to create an original and dreamy effect that will surprise even experienced photographers and designers.

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