Photoshop Matte Painting For Gaming

Photoshop Matte Painting For Gaming – . Each pack is created by a different artist who also creates the cover art. This guide is designed to guide you in creating your own artwork. Enjoy!

PSDs and images used in this article are available for download. Then follow along and redo it or do it yourself!

Photoshop Matte Painting For Gaming

Hello everyone, my name is Marvin Funke. I am a dark painter and conceptual artist from Germany. I worked as a matte painter at Pixomondo and now I work as a freelancer. Today I’m going to walk you through the steps to create the image above that I made for last year’s challenge!

Photoshop Matte Painting (week 5 Homework)

I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan, so my idea was to create a spirit image for a castle setting that could appear in the series. This was also a personal challenge for me, as most of the dark paintings I had done in the past were in the sci-fi genre. The whole thing took about 5 days because I could only do it at night after work. So maybe around 10-12 hours.

What I always start with is looking for different references and inspiration. I highly recommend this first step to everyone. Going through these processes will give you an orientation to color values, lighting, depth and overall atmosphere. In this case, I focus on the architecture, the location of the castle and the general atmosphere of the dark painting.

Quick Tip Check out the PureRef software for an overview of the reference image. It’s available for free and is a powerful tool when you need to view multiple links together or create a moodboard.

I started my project by creating rough ideas of different compositions using the Rule of Thirds method. We also decided on a final aspect ratio of 21:9 for a more cinematic look. In this case, I conceptualize different sketches to find the right composition, perspective and depth, but I often use 3D because I find it very useful because you can lock down your ideas and have full control over the right lighting!

Create A Samurai Matte Painting Scene · 3dtotal · Learn

I start my matte painting by finding the right sky and the right ground base. I got epic sky (included in this pack) because it suited my idea. In such an image, it is better to start with the sky, because the atmosphere of the aperture controls it.

I then created a rough stone based on the sketch references and concepts. My goal is to tell the story of an epic rock that no one can easily scale or attack. I used a mask to distort the shape of the mountain so it was rough, which helped my mood to make the castle look impregnable.

To add depth, I used several rock elements that I placed in the background. You can add more depth by reducing the contrast and painting a light fog at the bottom of the image. Then I modified the top rock with paint from different rock textures. I wanted to give it more texture and base with a bit more rock texture and make it more springy.

Quick Tip View photos in black and white every now and then. If it gives you an idea of ​​how depth and lighting work.

Digital Art Landscape Painting

So once we had the basic environment, we created the castle with lots of images (again, these are provided in this image pack).

I played around with the levels to match the different elements of the castle to the scene by matching colors and lighting. For the final touches, I added some details like birds and small waves interacting with the various rocks and cliffs in the foreground. Additionally, I painted shadow and highlight details on the rocks with a soft light and overlay mode to show more interaction with the lighting.

Add a lock and match it to the scene. Be sure to check your black and white images.

Quick Tip When you need to quickly paint subtle shadows and highlights, add a layer and set it to Soft Light or Overlay blending mode. Now if you paint on this layer with darker values ​​it will add shadows and lighter values ​​will add highlights.

The Digital Artists That Paint The Game Of Thrones Landscapes » Twistedsifter

The next thing I did was add some mist/fog. If you look at many seascape links, there will be a lot of fog at the bottom. This is caused by the humidity and salt in the atmosphere, so I decided to match this look.

The best way to do this is to take a soft mist or cloud brush on the line and very lightly paint the highlight color (in my case bluish white) into the scene.

At the end of each image, I do a final color correction to help bring the main elements into focus. To create a warm golden hour look, I used layers filled with warm colors and a soft light mode. For more dramatic lighting, I use a masked gradient map with an overlay so I can control the direction of the light and where it lands in the scene.

The final step is to add some grain and vignetting to give the overall image some film characteristics.

Environment 3d Matte Painting Techniques

No matter what project you want to do, the most important thing is to find good references. Here you can learn more about composition, lighting and scale. I watch a lot of movies for reference and keep the most impressive images for reference.

Although I only worked with 2D techniques in this project, I recommend learning 3D software as well. You can quickly turn your ideas into simple geometry, then choose different angles you like and then paint them in Photoshop!

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Waldemar Van Deurse Digital Matte Painting Tutorial

PIXOMONDO Accelerates Star Trek: Strange New Worlds LED Stage with HDRI Series Discover the magic of Pixomondo’s work on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and read how the story and footage evolved during production. Conrad W Allan discusses matte painting and talks a bit about the new matte painting service, which provides lots of high-quality photos for game artists.

Conrad W Allan discusses matte painting and talks a bit about the new Matte Paint service, which offers a wide range of high quality photos for game artists.

I work as a matte artist in the VFX industry and work on Game of Thrones, Logan, Assassins Creed, Independence Day and more. I worked I started doing structural modeling for architects about ten years ago and eventually got a degree in game animation where I was drawn into level and medium design through my interest in dark painting and had the good fortune to meet the famous Dax. Pandey is my mentor in the 3D medium. So when I started freelancing, I focused on the medium until the door opened on matte film.

As soon as I saw the workflow of a professional matte painting on film, I realized how difficult it was to find reference images that I could use. This is not just one problem, but many problems: copyright, compression quality and resolution, light direction, etc. and whether it’s a skybox for a game or a backdrop for a movie, finding images is a constant challenge and struggle. So this is where the idea of ​​creating the company came from; solution for the problem.

Hi! I Did This Matte Painting But Personally I Feel A Bit Off, I Don’t Know, Maybe It’s Just Me, Any Advice Is Welcome

Matte painting is very unforgiving, especially since the artist is responsible for making the whole image look realistic, but often there is no physical space and the client wants something really fantastic. Working on PAN was a great example as we had to recreate London in the 1940s. Dark artists often have to match the frame plate; that means matching focal length, perspective, exposure, scale… so the difference between an image being usable or not can come from something very small.

Traditionally, matte painting is done by hand, but now everything is in Photoshop, we can combine photos and paint them if necessary. We also use many projection techniques in Maya and Nuke. It’s called “2.5D” because it’s a 2D image projected onto a 3D object, and it’s a quick way to get 3D geometry and full parallax without lighting.

We shoot content as often as possible to create HDR, so we shoot from -2EV to +2EV

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