Photoshop Surrealism Art Tutorial

Photoshop Surrealism Art Tutorial – Have you ever seen images on the internet that defy reality? Expert retouchers have mastered the technique of combining various elements into highly complex images. However, their methods often remain a secret known only to a few experts. Now, in these unique Photoshop tutorials, some of the world’s best retouchers finally reveal their processes.

In several detailed videos, professional retouchers recreate their entire workflow step by step. You will learn advanced skills such as advanced layer masking, compositing, 3D modeling and lighting techniques. They show real projects from start to finish, so you can see the full application of the lessons. Exercises include creating everything from fantasy landscapes to hybrid animals and scenes inspired by sci-fi movies.

Photoshop Surrealism Art Tutorial

Best of all, the lessons are presented in an accessible way, so you don’t need years of experience to understand. By practicing these techniques, you can begin to combine elements and edit images to make the impossible real. This is an unprecedented opportunity to learn techniques usually known only to professionals, allowing you to turn your fantasy visions into stunningly surreal life.

Creating A Surreal And Dreamlike Mood

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Daniel Sanchez is a digital artist from Mexico City. Known as Daniel.Artx on Instagram, where he shares his eclectic edits with his 11k followers, Daniel is passionate about creating surreal scenes, all of which evoke a sense of serenity.

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He is a self-taught artist who honed his craft through YouTube tutorials and honed his Photoshop skills over 12 years to become a true photo manipulation master. We caught up with Daniel to find out what led him to the wonderful world of digital art, his best Photoshop tips, and how he used Envado to create this painting.

I am a self-taught artist. I enjoy creating surreal art that is magical and meaningful. I take a lot of inspiration from animals and nature and try to capture a sense of peace in each of my works.

I learned by watching tutorials and watching other creators. I loved drawing from a young age – I wasn’t very good at it, but it was a good foundation for digital art, which I started 12 years ago. I still remember the first time I opened Photoshop – there were so many tools and buttons, everything was like an airplane! It took a lot of time and patience to learn, but it was worth it to get to where I am today.

I met a girl and we fell in love, which inspired me to create this romantic surreal piece. I love flowers so I added lots of floral details to enhance the theme.

Design It Yourself: Surreal Collage

First I focused on making the background, then I started looking for photos on Envato and I found a picture of a starry night sky. I collected images of a cloudy night sky, mountains and a meadow with a dirt road. In all these images I have tried to match the color and tone with the sky.

To make the balloon, I used an image of a heart-shaped balloon and then added 3D elements like a ladder and a basket.

A boy gives a girl a bouquet of flowers by the river on a sunny spring day

I used Adobe Photoshop to create this photo. In my opinion, Photoshop is the best professional program for creating this kind of art. I used the tablet to create silhouettes of objects and people and adjust lighting.

How To Create A Surreal, Conceptual Head Photo Manipulation With Photoshop

Can you tell me step by step how you made it? What was your creative process like from start to finish?

What are the key skills and techniques used to create this work? How did you learn this skill?

A technique I use in all my work is using a brush to create a ‘dodge and burn’ style. I also use Curves adjustments for the shadows and highlights of an image or object, and I use Camera Raw to adjust the color and brightness of the image.

As a self-taught artist, I learned these techniques – and more – through tutorial videos from artists like The Life of Iwax, PSD Box, and Rafi A.

Photoshop Surreal Fantasy Underwater Manipulation By 35 Elissandro On Deviantart

Many love the finishing touches of color that I add to each of my pieces. Often they ask me “what’s the trick to getting that color?” The answer is not exactly a trick! The main advice I can give is to learn color correction techniques and apply them to every image you work on. Knowing how to use the Camera Raw filter is very important – it brings images to life and improves their color and tone.

My second piece of advice is to be patient. If you try to create something advanced, you will end up frustrated and disappointed.

Envato is all I need to create anything I want. I mainly use photos and 3D objects – it saves a lot of time, and the 360° option allows me to place objects in the right position.

There is no doubt that Envato has played an important role in developing my work. I recommend it to everyone – from beginners to experienced artists.

How To Create A Surreal Hollow Face Portrait In Photoshop

Thanks to the internet, my work now reaches different parts of the world. It allowed me to meet many interesting people, including professional artists who turned my digital creations into real paintings. I am very happy to know that my work inspires people.

Keep learning Humility is key – there will always be someone better or more experienced than you. The best advice I can give to be a successful artist is to be patient. You won’t be successful overnight – it may take months or even years. Know your aptitude, keep learning and set short-term goals to stay motivated.

We hope you enjoyed this interview with Daniel Artux! While you’re here, learn how to create dreamy designs in Photoshop with Sofia Aguilera or create abstract 3D art with Chiati Trehan. Or head over to Envato to start building today!

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