Vector Illustration From A Photo In Photoshop

Vector Illustration From A Photo In Photoshop – Vector art is very popular now. Everyone does vector art. It’s not hard to do and you don’t need to draw to create it. Be warned though, vector art takes a lot of time and patience. Especially if you want to create unusual art.

In this tutorial I hope to shed some light on how to make vector art and more importantly how to make really good vector art using Adobe Photoshop. We will create shape layers which are vectors.

Vector Illustration From A Photo In Photoshop

To even think about making this guide, you need to know how to use a pen tool. If you don’t know how to use the pen tool, do this tutorial first (it’s not hard to be honest).

How To Turn A Picture Into Pixel Art Using Photoshop

Do not merge or remove pattern layers. As long as all your layers are shape layers, then you have a piece of vector art… meaning you can scale the original psd up and down in Photoshop and it will be pixel perfect! The final output will not be a vector file (it will be a raster jpg etc), you must use Adobe Illustrator to generate the vector file.

First you need to select the image you want to capture. Make sure you really like the image you’re starting with. You will look at this picture for hours and your picture will basically look like this. Many people do their favorite singers and actors in the form of awards. I think this is a great idea because I hope it motivates you to do the work and do a good job. Just be careful when choosing the picture you want to take…it needs to be the right size to zoom in and see more detail. Anything smaller than 600 x 600 pixels will not look good. The higher the IS, the better the selection of your image to convert to vector.

The pasted layer is only there as a rough guide as you glue. (Personally, my nose is always a little hard and I use the back layer to help). Please, please, do not use it to create your own vector. If you do, your resulting image will be bland, boring and have no artistic value!

Turn on the “Back View” feature. This way you can see the road only and the color won’t bother you.

Vector Illustration Art Graphic By Aartmart · Creative Fabrica

Choose a shade of neutral skin tone. Grab the Pen Tool and make sure it’s ready to create Shape Layers (see image below). Draw the face and make sure to close the path.

Once the texture layer is done, I want to toggle the top view of the “Background Texture” layer on and off to compare the two. Your layer palette should look like the image below. Note that I like to wear layers when I’m happy with them so I don’t accidentally move them.

Follow the hair cycles. As a general rule, you should make the primary shade (base color) the darkest hair. You will then build layers of light and subtle colors/shades.

When you are happy with the layer, put it in a collection called “hair” and close it. I like to organize it so that I can name each new vector layer, I like to organize them by placing them together… like “hair set”, “eyebrow set”, “sleeve set”, etc.

Pop Art Photoshop Effect On Yellow Images Creative Store

In the picture below you can see that I have closed all the main shapes and organized my palette.

This layer is a little unusual because her hair will be dark black, so I also used this layer to create some dark spots on her face.

There is no particular order in which the various forms are created. I like to work in one place until it’s done and then move on. However, I always see one thing that needs fixing while I’m working on another…

I used a total of 316 layers to make the Bjork vector, so obviously I can’t show you each layer step by step, but I made an animation of the layers. 16 hours of work in 1 minute…don’t blink or you’ll lose a few layers. If the video below doesn’t work, click here (or come back tomorrow).

How To Create A Vector Portrait With Adobe Illustrator And Photoshop

What follows is a breakdown of specific areas with brief notes. I’ll start with the eyes because I always like to start with the eyes. They are definitely one of the most important places.

As you can see, comparing the source of the original image with the source of the vector, I definitely did not make the content of the original image. However, it is very important to pay attention to the reflective quality of the eye. I’ve used a few layers here to make it half-faced, and I’m working on a higher zoom. You’ll also notice that I used a very light purple under the eye…it really adds interest to the vector.

Never use pure white paint on eyeballs. It looks amazing! If it is anywhere in the white part of the eye, it reflects light.

1. Place the main shapes of the eye. Note that I used the inner glow layer style of the iris layer. Make sure the pupil is round using the eclipse tool.

Cartoon Vector Art Photoshop Action, Add Ons

2. Add eyelashes (mine look like bug legs haha). You can create multiple roads in the road layer. I find a quick technique for patterns like this to be easily created, then duplicated, to change the tool.

3. Add important things etc. You can see that the highlight has lowered the darkness to reveal the layers below. By adjusting the opacity of your layers, your vector will have more complexity…it will look like it has more layers. Turn your photos into amazing cartoons with Photoshop Vector Actions. Creating a stunning piece of vector art from your photos and designs is not an easy task. This is a process that requires a lot of effort and time. However, with a wide range of Free Photoshop Actions available at Shazim Creations Free Photoshop Actions. #action_art #art_art #art_art #photoshop_vector_art #photoshopaction_vector_cartoon

Create cartoon effects with Photoshop Actions. Get this amazing Photoshop action and make your photo into a unique vector illustration.

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Vector Art Photoshop Tutorial :: Behance

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I hope this Cartoon Effect Vector art will help you. Download the vector art effect action and how to use it, just download the YouTube video tutorial below. Just follow what I did in the video. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and get exclusive video tutorials.

Photoshop Actions Free Download Photoshop Actions Free Download Vector Cartoon Vector Artwork

Posted by Shazim Creations I am Shazim Uddin from Bangladesh. I love Photoshop I am a freelance graphic designer and photo editor. This blog has shared everything about photoshop editing, photo manipulation, free photoshop actions that I have created with free supplies. I am a professional graphic designer / Photoshop expert. Even with 4 years of experience, I can provide quality and fast service to my customers. In this type of business, I can serve my customers with care. My skills: * Adobe Photoshop. * Adobe Illustrator. * Image Editing * Background Removal Expert * Image Processing * Video Editing * Any Photoshop Service Although Photoshop is a raster graphics software, it has many tools and techniques to support vector graphics. One of its best features is its ability to capture raster images.

Adobe Icons Photoshop, Illustrator And Indesign Editorial Vector Editorial Stock Image

This is a very useful trick that every artist and designer should learn to use. For example, if you have a logo or a low resolution image that you want to scale without blurring, you can drag it into Photoshop to scale freely.

In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how to properly crop an image in Photoshop. This is a very simple method, you will see.

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Vector Illustration Photoshop Action, Add Ons

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