Photoshop Photo Collage Tutorial

Photoshop Photo Collage Tutorial – We asked filmmaker and graphic designer Madeline McLaughlin to show us how she creates a digital composite from scratch, breaking down the basics step by step. a simple lesson. We will use Adobe Photoshop, which you can download here.

“For the rainbow, I used the Pen Tool to cut out the shape and then used the Mask on the left.”

Photoshop Photo Collage Tutorial

“I like the colors in this image, so I used the Eyedropper tool to select the colors. Then I used the Bucket Tool to change the colors into the original rainbow.

How To Make A Polaroid Template In Photoshop

“Since I changed the colors but still liked the look of the original image, I copied the rainbow, lowered the Opacity, and changed the Blending Mode to Luminosity.”

“For the image of the woman, I used the Warp Pen Tool (because she has more of a human shape) and then used the mask again to remove her from the background.”

“To adjust the shadow of the head, I go to fx in the bottom right and select Drop Shadow. Then I adjust the shadow to match.

“For the shadow, I added the woman and the TV images, then copied the layer. Then I chose the color fx option and chose black with an opacity of 100%. Then I lowered the opacity of the layer to create the amount of shadow I wanted. To create the shape of the shadow, I went left to Edit, Transform, then Skew. Then I adjusted the tilt of the shadow until the focus was just right!”

Photoshop Tutorial: Collage Poster

Collagedigital digital mediatutorialsscrapbook artPhotoshopcollage artMadeline McLaughlin designed a digital collage tutorial

Previous Previous Next Go next: DIY DIGITAL COLLAGE ALBUM ART feat. Madeline McLaughlin Want to make a collage in Photoshop? I’m happy you’re here – the collection has a beautiful community to offer

Creative freedom and you will see how easy and effective it is to combine your favorite photos into something extraordinary.

Actually, I remember when I first started with Photoshop combinations. It’s a revelation! This is the way to combine my favorite photos into one image. (So ​​trust me: once you start, you can’t stop!)

Photoshop Tutorial: Creating Your Own Digital Collage Album Art — Heads On Tv

Below, I share the exact method I use to create my Photoshop collages. You will find it very simple. And the best part? You don’t need to be a Photoshop expert to get started. Follow my instructions carefully and you will end up with a result like this:

For one thing, there are many combinations. You can use them to enhance any scene. A colorful collection can be your new Facebook theme. I often use columns to contribute to my Facebook page.

But collections aren’t just about images. They can tell a story in a way that a picture can’t. Think of a collection as a visual documentation that represents a theme or captures a special moment. The best ones convey a message or have a real emotional impact.

Next, think about key events and how the combinations can work well in telling the story of an event. How beautiful is the composition for a wedding album? Imagine combining the best moments of the big day into one amazing photo. The collections make great holiday gifts and cards. Collect your favorite memories of the year, printed and printed, to decorate the walls of your family and friends.

Collage Poster Art Photoshop Action

Plus, as I pointed out above, creating a composition in Photoshop is quick and easy. No need to spend hours with a complicated program. You can create something beautiful in no time.

In this section I walk you through the process I use to create my columns and share clear examples along the way. It’s easy, I promise!

I recommend choosing photos connected by a theme (such as a place, event, or idea). Combines topics on different scales; for example, choose some wide shots that show the overall shape and some detail shots that show more shapes and forms. Without one or the other the story is incomplete. And it doesn’t get the level of attention you’re looking for.

Talk about the story: It often helps to focus on the story you’re trying to tell. Want to share a story about an event? Want to clearly explain an important idea? Keep this in mind when choosing photos!

How To Create A Photo Collage In Adobe Photoshop

Additional tips: If possible, get three photos and no more than eight. The images are very rare and it is not possible to tell the whole story. Too many photos will confuse the viewer with clutter (plus, it will be difficult to show personal details).

To do this, you can drag and drop files into the document window, or you can choose File > Open and click the corresponding images.

While you can use the old template, if you’re creating your first book, you’ll need to create a new template.

The details will depend on what you plan to do with the collection and the size of the photos you choose. If you are working with large JPEGs that you want to print, you should choose a size larger than 5000 pixels. If you want to display your composition on a regular web page, 1500 pixels wide and tall will work well (although you can start with that size and change it later, as discussed in step 8 below).

Dividing” A Photo Into 4 Pockets Digitally … A Photoshop Tutorial

(I suggest making the file larger than the size you want the result to be; that way, you can create the final product to resolve installation issues.)

Or you can press Ctrl/Cmd+A. You should be able to see what passersby will see in the edge area of ​​your image:

Depending on the size and resolution of your new image, you may need to make some adjustments with Edit>Free Transform (or Ctrl/Cmd + T). For example, my first image is too big:

(When you turn on Free Transform, simply drag the edges to get the result you’re looking for.

How To Place Images Into A Photoshop Collage Template

Once you’ve added all of your collage images to your book, it’s time to organize them. This is where you move the images and they tell your story.

Once you’ve made a few combinations, you’ll start to see what you like; Personally I like to create asymmetrical designs and related illusions. But every story has different needs, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Then drag all the images and get the best result. If you want to edit the image, use the Free Edit option discussed above.

Once you have decided on the design and have all the images, I recommend giving the design a place in the form of a good border. It’s a personal preference, I know, but the result is good.

Indian Dream: An Advanced Photoshop Collage Tutorial

It’s easy to do; just put a thin white border between the images. You can select each image, then use the mouse or arrow keys to drag it until you find an empty space. Or you can double-click any image in the Layers panel:

Make sure Mode is set to In, Blending Mode is set to Normal, and Color is set to White:

Unfortunately, this will crop your images a bit, but depending on the style you want, it may be worth it. (Also note that you need to limit freedom to

Now you need to set up your composition with the correct image space, which means you’re ready to add all the layers.

Collage Animation: Creative Motion Graphics With Photoshop & After Effects

Before editing and exporting the composition, I recommend cutting the white border around the edges (you want the shape to look good).

This step depends on your goals for the collection. If you want to print you need to change the size to suit your printing needs (leaving the image as large as possible). If you want to publish your book on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, consider reducing the size to 1500 pixels in the long term.

You want to choose File > Save or Copy. Then choose a location and file name, make sure the Save as type is set to JPEG, and click Save.

If you love to create, but need inspiration, don’t worry. Here is a list of creative ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

How To Make A Collage In Photoshop

Let’s start with your pets. From dogs and cats to birds and fish, a collection of animals can capture all the beautiful moments you’ve shared. Not only will it make you laugh, but it’s also a great way to show it to your furry friends or cats.

So how about a collection with your kids? Whether it’s their first job, a birthday or everyday moments, combining these memories will make the feeling stronger.

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