3d Photo Manipulation In Photoshop

3d Photo Manipulation In Photoshop – How to Do 3D Manipulation Using Photoshop (Photoshop Tutorial #1)desmond41 (63) in #utopian-io • 6 years ago (edited) Hello steemians today is another day. I want to show you how to do 3D manipulation using Photoshop. On the phone. Follow the steps below and complete your 3D manipulation. • Create a new document as usual. After that load your phone into the document and select the phone’s screen using your pen, after selecting the screen right click and select select and then create a new screen. Then fill the new one with white solid color. • Open the image you want to use as the screen. When you open an image, press V to open the Move tool, and then drag and drop the image into the document you’re working on. Make the phone screen visible by lowering the opacity of your image so you can position your image properly. After pressing Enter, press Ctrl + T to resize the image to fit the screen. • When you are finished resizing, increase the opacity of the image again, then right-click the image and click Create Clipping Mask. After that check if the layer is a smart object. If it is a Smart Object, click on it and then click Rasterize Layer. • Open your tree image; this should be a png file, after that use the navigation tool to move it to your working document and adjust the size again, then click on the image, then select adjust, then select adjust and click on the curve to adjust its color. . A statue with green grass. • Click on the image of the tree and then click on the image again, select the hue and saturation selection, make the adjustment and drag to the dark side to darken the light and hold Ctrl + T to adjust the size used (balance, ratio) to adjust. •** Reduce the Fill to 46%**, then double-click the new layer you created, then select Inner Shadow and set Angle = 132, Distance = 7, Dimension = 2, Size = 7, then click OK. Select the Blur tool from your toolbox and use it to blur the right side of the image; Now you can be confident in creating your own 3D manipulation image. Finally, I want to thank @ackza, @stellabelle, @reko, @justinashby, @yehey, @bleepcoin, @picokernel, @teamsteem, @sircork, @battleaxe, @creativesoul, @neoxian, @sweetssj, @elgeko, @ . guilty parties, @poeticsnake @velimir for their support and I will always be grateful. Thanks for your time @desmond from Ghana

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3d Photo Manipulation In Photoshop

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Great post, I don’t know how to do this but you make it look nice and smooth….great

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