Digital Scrapbooking Layout In Photoshop

Digital Scrapbooking Layout In Photoshop – Everything is peaceful in Efleter, everywhere is bright, but here is the charm of autumn, rich candy-coated equators, Ex Libris Galaxias, Felicity Parties, loud #foodie Goldilocks, haunted hearths and hollow Hocus Pocus hygge season, on and on. Summer. Chasing Camp, Sunkissed, The Love List, The Naughty List, Weekender Wildflower Sports & Band Patriotic Digital Alphas Digital Models Oldies But Goodies

Hello friends and welcome to my five tutorials in Photoshop! Today we’re learning about something that gets asked a lot in the hybrid scrapbooking world: How can I use digital letters in my hybrid scrapbook layout? Are there any easy ways to do this? I have a few techniques that I use all the time, so be sure to check out the YouTube tutorials to learn how, and I’ll give brief instructions below! This post is inspired by some amazing ideas from our creative team and you can see their inspiring work here.

Digital Scrapbooking Layout In Photoshop

For today’s layout, I will create a confirmation page. These are the pages I try to create for myself each month to remind me what I want to focus on that month. I love using textured paper and mixed media elements, and for this page I decided to use the Afflutter Digital Kit with stickers, letters, and Ellie. I also brought in the awesome Alphabets Volume 2 and Volume 4 digital letters for fun decorating. There are three ways I create hybrid elements using the digital alphabet on this page:

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Use the digital alphabet to create quotes directly on your background or journal cards or other elements in your digital collection. This quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson makes me happy. It made me smile and how fun it was to take pictures of myself! But it reminded me to include more photos of myself in my album

A list of things I want to focus on this month motivates me. Talking about things

Alphabitties brushes and lets you use digital alphabets as stamps. You can customize the size and color according to your layout. I found the cutest little stamped heart in Alphabets Volume 4 and it inspired me to stamp some hexagons. Then I also wrote my words on the heart pattern and printed them on the vellum as a fun layer.

I hope this inspires you to play with the digital alphabet and create a confirmation page for your album! You can follow the full tutorial and process video here: This is my first digital layout. I learned the basics of all things QA from the team at PixelScrapper, where I am a Level 3 Commons Designer. I was taught things like missing and scattered pixels, how to fix gamut issues if not in RGB color space, making sure work on documents is always created at 300 dpi (resolution), not adding shadows to individual graphics. jpg file unless it is used flat and more.

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I was able to design a lot of things with YouTube videos and online tutorials, thanks to people who shared their ideas. I am so grateful!

I am a full time employed wife and mother of three children. I love all kinds of crafts; From digital scrap bookings to concrete mixed media projects. I love learning from other people and being exposed to the vast world of art. Creativity is in my blood. I’ve always taken photos since I was a kid and now because of social media (YouTube, Pinterest, Google Images, etc…) I’m very conflicted about what projects to do during the day. Don’t even know where to start. Should I make cards or make my own soil? Or should I design a wall mount for the living room. I’m ridiculously indecisive about what I want to do. Also, I have become a craft lover. From paint, dye and other cutting machines to scrapbook paper and other designer cardboard and decorations, I’ve turned my tiny kitchen corner into my craft room. I’m surprised my husband didn’t ask me to get rid of all the craft supplies…ie…clutter. My craft collecting addiction inspired me to learn more about digital scrap booking. This is new to me, but I’ve invested in Adobe Photoshop and have been working with scrapbook images, pages, brushes, etc. Researched YouTube to learn different techniques for smoothing. Now I can take design to the next level digitally. Show more posts This file contains a 12 x 12 inch digital scrapbook layout template. The file is a Photoshop layer file that can be used as a base for your digital scrapbooking page.

The page can be used as a single page or as a two-page layout with Digital Scrapbook Layout Template 122.

The template includes space for photos, paper, colors, and titles, but these are just suggestions for your use. You can edit each level as you wish. By experimenting with different options, you can make your page stand out from the crowd. Other templates online also mark places you can place design elements, but I prefer to leave that up to you.

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Adding photos and paper must be done using clipping masks, except for Affinity Photo where it’s just as easy to drag the photo or paper into place.

Use this pattern that has been used over and over with widely varying results. You can rotate the page 90, 180 or 270 degrees for a fresh look.

The template is a .psd file that can be used in any program that uses .psd files. They are

Chantalia Designs is full of free digital papers, design elements and lettering to complete your layout. Everything in Chantalia’s designs is based on the 36 mix and match colors available here. Theme sets can also be found here. Theme sets can also have other elements and fonts associated with them.

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