Abstract Photo Editing In Photoshop

Abstract Photo Editing In Photoshop – Abstract photography is a creative way to capture shapes, colors, textures and patterns that go beyond the direct representation of reality. But to make abstract images stand out, you need to know how to edit them effectively in Photoshop. In this article, you’ll learn several ways to improve the contrast, color, sharpness, and composition of your abstract photos.

The first step in editing abstract images is to adjust the levels and curves of the image. Levels allows you to adjust the brightness and contrast of the image by adjusting shadows, midtones and highlights. Curves allows you to fine-tune the contrast and tone of an image by creating custom curves that affect different parts of the histogram. You can access both tools under the “Adjustment” section of the “View” menu. Try different settings until you get the result you want.

Abstract Photo Editing In Photoshop

Another way to edit abstract photos is to use filters and effects to change the look of your photos. Photoshop offers a variety of filters and effects available from the Filters menu, including blur, sharpen, noise, distortion, artistic, and more. With the filter gallery, you can view and combine different filters and effects. For example, you can create a neon effect with the Glowing Edges filter and a negative effect with the Solarize filter.

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Using layer masks and blending modes is a powerful way to edit abstract images. A layer mask lets you hide or reveal parts of a layer to create a composite image. Blending modes allow you to change how a layer interacts with the layers below it, creating different effects. You can access both tools in the Layers panel. For example, you can use a layer mask to merge two abstract images, or use a blending mode to change the color and texture of a layer.

A simple but effective way to fix abstract images is to crop and rotate the image. Cropping allows you to remove unnecessary elements, improve the composition and focus on the main subject of the image. Rotation allows you to change the direction, perspective and dynamics of the image. You can access both tools from the toolbar. For example, you can crop a photo to create a square or panoramic format, or rotate a photo to create a diagonal or symmetrical effect.

A fun and creative way to edit abstract photos is to add text and images to your photos. Text lets you add messages, captions, and quotes to photos, while Shapes lets you add geometric and organic shapes to photos. You can access both tools from the toolbar. For example, you can add text to create contrast and harmony in an image, or add shapes to create a pattern or frame in an image.

The most important way to edit abstract images is to experiment and have fun. There is no right or wrong way to edit abstracts as long as you express your vision and creativity. You can experiment with different tools, settings, filters, effects, layers, masks, modes, crop, rotate, text and images until you find what works for you. You can explore the features of Photoshop, discover new possibilities and use them as a source of inspiration.

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Landshapes: Creative Photoshop Project

“We have come to the end of this course. We hope that you are now well prepared to create your own images. It is time to show me what you have been working on during the training. But before that, let’s explain the basic steps To follow. First you need to find the source of the image: three portraits and a colorful nebula. I showed, how to create gradients and patterns to use as a background Start by adjusting the colors of the first portrait using an adjustment layer Use some Photoshop tools like the Marquee tool to distort the shape of the face and make it more abstract.

Create a second portrait using everything you learned from the first portrait. Then export the portrait as a PNG. Continue editing portraits in After Effects by learning how to use our downloadable plug-ins. You can also use After Effects for final adjustments. After exporting the image from AE to PNG (with a transparent background), it can be finished in PS by adding a background and making final color adjustments.

Start learning how to create a third portrait PS action. You’ll create six steps and use them to create 12 versions of portraits in Photoshop. Version 12 or later Export as PNG and create animations in After Effects. Finally, you can apply adjustment layers with lighting effects or HLS adjustments and export to different formats like MP4 or MOV.

I can’t wait to see what you create. Click “Create your own project above” to share your portrait with others. We encourage you to share your feedback and opinions about your classroom staff. We have a lot to learn from each other! I will go through the forums and try to answer all your questions, but bear with me if it takes a while. I will probably be busy with my projects. Thanks for being on this journey with me and keep creating! “

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Final Project We have come to the end of this course and we hope you have enjoyed it. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to take to complete the project. Every project begins with a search for links. This will help you understand what catches your attention the most. The more you watch, the more ideas you get and the more your style changes. I recommend analyzing what interests you in quotes. This exercise will help you get a lot of ideas. All you need to do is find the capital you need to get started. I advise you to try to create as many as possible … “

Clarence Malluta is a freelance visual artist from Albania. He has been creating original visual materials for three years, uploading them daily to social networks, and has accumulated over 1,000 works since its inception. His experimental style combines different techniques and software to realize new and colorful ideas.

With an aesthetic often described as oozing, psychedelic or futuristic, Clarence has created covers and other visuals that have led to work with numerous musicians and labels including DJ Snake, Ultra Music, The Galantis, Jackboy, Adobe and Empire Records. You can find his work online on Instagram and Behance.

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