Matte Painting Techniques In Photoshop

Matte Painting Techniques In Photoshop – Delve into the fascinating world of 3D modeling and master the art of creating stunning environments using advanced technology and industry-standard software. This workshop is designed for aspiring and intermediate artists who want to improve their 3D fabric painting skills. Experience with digital art software such as Photoshop and Nuke and 3D software such as Blender is recommended.

In this intermediate-level workshop, students will learn how to mix 2D and 3D elements, create photorealistic scenes, and design atmospheric environments. Important tools and features such as camera rendering, 3D modeling, texturing, and image synthesis are covered in depth.

Matte Painting Techniques In Photoshop

This comprehensive seminar provides valuable insights into the professional fabric coating industry, including workflow optimization, collaborative approaches and techniques to effectively meet customer expectations. By completing this workshop, students will be able to confidently conceptualize, plan, and execute 3D fabric drawing projects. You’ll develop your skills in creating realistic terrains, seamlessly integrating 3D assets, and using effective lighting and shading techniques to achieve photographic effects.

Digital Landscape Walkthrought

Dario G. thanks Reina for helping organize the initial stages of the workshop. For their free stock videos, use the RDNE Stock Category as a cookie cutter tool. KitBash3D for the Minerva 3D kit and for the 2D assets used in this workshop.

Koke Nunez is a digital artist working in the entertainment industry as a digital texture artist and environment generalist. He takes environments and creates them from scratch. He also worked on visual development, scaling, terrain, and more. Follow Koke on Instagram @kokevfx, Facebook @kokenunezgomez, Twitter @KokeVFX, and follow his career on LinkedIn. When you start learning a completely new subject or technology without prior preparation in classes or workshops, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start and what to do as a first step. We hope this article helps you understand the “where” and “why” in the first steps of digital math drawing.

Like any other subject, learning digital painting requires you to perform some repetitive tasks. First, you have to master a skill, the technical aspects of it, and then you can go on to perfect it

“Drawing requires concentration! In the beginning, you spend most of your energy making and building and less on designing. “The more skills and engineering skills become muscle memory, the more important design becomes. “

Learn To Concept Matte Paintings For Games And Film

You should train yourself with basic exercises until you have a short time, and then you can start solving bigger puzzles.

In 2017, the ing4Film Facebook group faced some challenges. Practice channel selection and color correction. Garrett Fry provided the license plate image, and the main challenge was to add some trees to the original image, crop the trees in the attached image, and place them in the same location.

I did some simple channel selection and a little color correction and had the result in just a few minutes.

You can see there aren’t a lot of changes, but the goal is to mix elements as much as possible. Below is what was originally added. After solving the technical problem, I decided to challenge myself with a creative problem to make the image look even more epic (on the right screen).

How I Created This Large Composite Matte Painting In Photoshop

This is a great example of how you cannot successfully complete a creative task without first mastering the technology.

Whenever someone asks me where to start with matte painting, I always answer: Start with something simple.

Beginners tend to jump straight into larger projects with lots of elements, complex compositions, and lighting scenes, which can be difficult to achieve even for experienced artists. As a result, the finished product looks neither photogenic nor attractive. As a first few exercises, I recommend limiting each image to 3-4 elements.

Using just a few elements, you can get the job done before you run out of creativity or get frustrated. Don’t rush and take your time every step of the way. Even in large studios, most small-scale tasks involve replacing some background elements, such as the sky or some clouds, perhaps adding distant mountains and trees in the background.

Creating An Epic Matte Painting Shot

At this stage, the most important thing is to mix the elements thoroughly. It may not seem like much, but it takes a little time to master. Try to complete the same task in different environments, different landscapes like forests and deserts, rocky canyons and green valleys, and urban landscapes.

You should read two articles in our introductory series.

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Create A Dark And Mysterious Landscape Matte Painting With Photoshop

Another part that most beginners overlook is the quality of the reference photos they choose to use in their work. If you don’t have the resources, this gallery will provide you with a large collection of high-quality images, specially selected and customized for the needs of fabric artists.

If you use other sources, remember to choose high-resolution images without too much noise or grain. If the image was taken with a cheap camera and the sensor has a lot of chromatic aberration and digital noise, it can be difficult to get the right elements for your work.

Don’t use a base image or a black and white image as you need a wide gamma range in your thermal image, unlike concept art where you can create environments without having to worry about range, simplify the image by adding wide brushes to elements. . Remember that ideally in a studio setting your work will go into the compositing department where it will be combined with flatbed photography and the image will go through many changes.

Ideally, the best approach is to use photos from a trip or trip where you can control all the values ​​in a 16-bit RAW file (provide a RAW file if needed). This means you can change exposure and white balance

How To Create A Matte Painting In Photoshop

Simple compared to jpg! Of course, there are cases where you need to use images from other sources, so be careful if you use jpgs (8-bit images with a low gamma range).

A good color gamut in the image on the left and extreme values ​​in the image on the right end up producing poor results and would not be acceptable in a professional studio environment.

Notice how much detail is lost in the image above right. Unfortunately, you can’t restore it through any settings, so avoid using it at work

Notice how much more artifacts there are in the image on the left compared to the image on the right. I recommend avoiding highly compressed images as reference sources for elements.

Certificate Course In Digital Matte Painting For Vfx

Searching for images in the same beam direction is equally important as timing. Identifying good references is an important feature in finding images for your work.

It’s impossible to piece together a good photo from original photos from different periods

If they are in the same position. Finally, there are a few ways to get used to it, but it’s not easy for beginners and can lead to a lot of frustration while working. Weather conditions, overcast skies, and bright rocks with harsh shadows may be suitable for quick concept art sketches, but for a good canvas painting, you’ll need to spend a lot of time adjusting the image.

This is a good exercise but requires more practice and experience. We will discuss this in another article, it will be one of the next tasks, but for starters – select elements from the same day and weather conditions. Remember where the light source is!

Matte Painting Techniques For Concept Design

Look at the image below and you’ll see that the sun’s position and time of day are still the same, although the added mountain portion has a different color level.

I occasionally take photos on my way to work or home. Or other times I see something worthy of reference or ideas for my personal or professional work or new projects.

All in all, I recommend learning photography for beginners or beginning artists as it can help you improve your composition and expand your knowledge.

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