Fantasy Photo Manipulation In Photoshop

Fantasy Photo Manipulation In Photoshop – In this new Photoshop tutorial, learn how to create a beautiful fantasy photo montage depicting your childhood secret place. What I love about this tutorial is how to create mood, atmosphere and drama in Photoshop using adjustment layers, filters, etc. In this way, you will also learn how to add mood to your photos and how to work with oil paint filters. and many others.

Open the background and delete the mountains. Create a layer mask and use the brush tool and start erasing the area as shown below.

Fantasy Photo Manipulation In Photoshop

. Now create a layer mask and use the brush tool to erase the unnecessary part (shown in red). Blending Mode is set to Linear Dodge.

The World Turtle :: Behance

Now set “Cosmos1” and repeat the process shown in the previous step with Soft Light Blending Mode.

Now add Color Balance/Color Search and Clipping Mask (Right Click – Clipping Mask) to the background. Adjust midtones (-28 -24 +36) and highlights (-17 -16 +20). Opacity is set to 85%. Now add Color Search and filter setting “FuturisticBleak” with Blending Mode Soft Light and Opacity 40%.

Keep a picture of the children in your file. Right-click the layer and select Blending Options. Check the Gradient Overlay with Blending Mode Overlay, Opacity 47% Angle 180 and Scale 70%.

Gaussian Blur and is set to 4. Opacity is set to 65%. You can erase some parts of the shadow by creating a layer mask and using the brush tool.

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Open “Teddy Bear” and use the quick selection tool to make a rough selection. Press CTRL+SHIFT+I to invert the selection. Now hit the Quick Mask mode, use the brush tool to select the rest correctly. Quick Mask Mode (standard mode) and press CTRL+C again to copy. Sanitize the image and delete some parts of the hand.

Another way to make precise selections in Photoshop is to use the pencil tool, which is probably the best way to cut out an object/person by removing the background.

Keep the main image “tree” and repeat step 1/2. The shadow method is created with transparency set to 75% opacity.

Adjust the Color Balance Clipping Mask and use these settings: Midtones (-16 -9 +24), Highlights (-24 -48 0) and Shadows (-3 -15 -7). Add a photo filter with a clipping mask, set the filter to magenta and density to 45%.

Photoshop Fantasy Portal

Place the “Leaves” and Duplicate and Rotate with the Transform Tool (CTRL+T) Add a Photo Filter (Inner Clipping Mask) with the filter set to Violet and Destiny 92%.

Place “Butterrlfi” and use the brush tool to create a layer mask to erase some parts. Remove some butterflies. Now duplicate the layer several times as shown in the image.

Add “flare” and create a layer mask using the brush tool to erase some parts (red color) as shown in the preview. Blending mode is set on the screen.

The effect of light. Preset Point and Intensity 32. Create a layer mask and use the Brush Tool with a black foreground color. Brush the planet’s light source. Blending mode is set to 55%.

Fantasy Manipulation Digital Imaging

Press CTRL+I to invert the curve. Use the Brush tool with a white foreground color. Click on the layer mask and brush below the image.

Oil Paint (the Oil Paint filter is only available for Photoshop CS6) and make these adjustments. Opacity is set to 75%.

So this is the end result of Childhood Fantasy Secret Place Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial. I hope you all enjoyed this new guide.

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Big Skull Fantasy Place ! Photo Manipulation By 7studio777 On Deviantart

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