Custom Fonts In Photoshop Design

Custom Fonts In Photoshop Design – Designers love to hate some fonts. We offer a simple method. And 7 simple steps can quickly change any font to a better one. And turn the letters into beautiful logo designs

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Custom Fonts In Photoshop Design

Face to face; There are things that we designers love to hate, in fact the word hate might not be enough. Curse? One-time pain? poop? I hear every single one of you despise the lifeless letters, numbers, and symbols we use to communicate ideas. And I know, I’ve seen (and committed) such heinous crimes that even the most amazing administrative notices would be put to shame.

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But what if I told you that some of the worst fonts of our time can also be a designer’s best friend? What if I showed you how to turn a blank script into a beautiful logo that your customers will love? (and pay to buy more)? Do you want to radically change your perspective and open yourself up to an endless world of creative choices?

If so, please continue as I will walk you through it in an easy way. With it you can instantly change any font to create a better one. and show how effective this method is. I’ll show you each step using three characters that are hated by designers around the world.

First is Jokerman, a collection of famous characters often found on “some” birthday posters and business cards.

Next, we have papyrus painstakingly extracted from the walls of Shah Tut’s tomb. including the menu of famous artists like Coffee Heavy Music and James Cameron

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Finally, a cool and unfussy illegal font that needs no introduction. Only Comic Sans

From this unlikely group I will teach you to discover the precious things that others shout “junk”. And create the most powerful personal branding brands.

Travel from amazing fonts to amazing logotypes. And learn how to make letters. We start with bad letters. End on a good note and follow the same seven steps each time. What are the seven steps? I’ll get into the details in a bit, but first a few pointers on the tools you’ll need for this type of work.

Visual designers have access to new design tools. Affordable touch devices and advanced features like the Apple Pencil make capturing ideas and transitioning them into a digital workflow easier than ever. Feel free to experiment and stick with what works for you. However, I prefer the tried and true method with the trusted tools of Adobe and Wacom:

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Jokerman is Jim Carrey’s font: never subtle, loud from every angle, yet wonderfully appealing to the masses. It’s silly and extreme, and that’s the font this lesson was created for. Marvel comics like Jokerman are full of bad design elements, but lack the restraints of a tasteful brand. As designers, we need to use good judgment, and that often means leaving out details for the sake of clear communication.

It is a simple process. Seven stages from spam to high-end brands. There is a simple picture. Related to but if you can write your name and draw a line as written in the picture. You’ll have all the skills you need to learn how to craft your own letters.

In Photoshop, select a font. (In this case, Jokerman.) Type in the brand name you want for your logo. And quickly examine each letter to understand design options such as size, aspect ratio, letter weight, and more.

Use a Wacom tablet to draw your logo. No need to explain here. Just draw something quick and easy to use as the skeleton of your design.

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Scale, stretch, warp and squeeze each letter on top of your image using the font of your choice. There is no need to build everything at this level. You will change later, so keep doing it.

Now draw a quick picture of your curved letters. This is where you start fixing default fonts. and add your design details

This is the final stage of designing and editing in Photoshop. Delete anything that doesn’t work. And complete your essay to better understand the shape and relationship of letter spacing.

Place your edited sketch in Illustrator, pull out the pen tool. And click carefully to create a beautiful Bézier curve.

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Confession: I love papyrus. I don’t care who knows, let’s be honest, not all letters we love designers are real. And it’s not that bad. Overuse? Maybe. Kitchi? Well, yes, but just because a font is proud to document its mature design doesn’t mean it’s bad. And that’s how I feel about Papyrus. It’s like a shirt I bought at Old Navy: it fits perfectly and makes me presentable for a special occasion.

As mentioned earlier, my shirt does not have frayed edges on purpose. Let’s see if we can preserve the good parts of the papyrus text while modernizing the whole.

We start again with Photoshop. Choose your font (Papyrus) and enter the name of the icon type. Look at each letter and pay attention to possible design details.

Break out the Wacom tablet and quickly sketch composition ideas. Do not think too much at this stage. It’s like writing your name in a notebook.

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Just like we did with Jokerman, scale, stretch, rotate and squeeze each letter on top of the cartoon. It will crash but don’t worry!

You did not create it from scratch. You use the original font structure while adding your own enhancements.

This cartoon can look very bad and ugly. The beauty of layers in Photoshop is the ability to pass multiple times. Each round gets closer to your actual design goal.

This is the last step in Photoshop, let’s be honest with ourselves about the parts of the design that didn’t work. It also helps to color your letters to see how they line up. and reveals abnormalities in different ways

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Once your vector tracing is complete. Bring your logo to life by adding details like color, shadows, highlights, and outlines.

I refuse to make fun of Comic Sans, although it comes up at inappropriate times. He looked a little dazed as if he had woken up from a nap. But this font fit the design brief and is probably the most famous font in the world.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, there isn’t much to Comic Sans. It’s violent, it’s infuriating, and the characters’ minor flaws are infuriating. Interesting designs that can work well with logotypes. And the general perception of it as the worst font ever. Make it the right challenge with our seven-step process.

This time I will go into the mechanics a bit. And every step of the way, it gives insight into my creative process.

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At this stage, imagine yourself as the parent of a troubled teenager. It cannot be denied that he is a very athletic person. But you can see from the day he will become a well-rounded young man.

This concept is when you unleash your artistic side. Later, you can ruthlessly edit yourself. But now let’s take a chance.

When I looked at Comic Sans, I saw a playful and charming quality. which I try to add to my mental scheme.

Maybe you’re like me… a little obsessed with layering and using Photoshop’s non-destructive editing techniques, don’t be at this point!

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As I said earlier Comic Sans is a bit angry, so this step. I focus on smoothing our lines and correcting our curves.

For the longest time, I went straight from the correction step in Photoshop to Vector Trace in Illustrator, but when I first saw vector lettering, those letters always looked weird.

This adjustment step is a good way to ensure letter spacing. The end of the pattern between letters is also important. With the letters themselves

When using the pen tool, you can easily turn off your mind, start pointing, clicking and drawing with your hands and stop looking for ways to improve your drawing.

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Do not do this! When you paint by hand, you’re constantly making split-second decisions and corrections. You should use the pen tool in the same way.

I’m happy with how the vector lines turned out. So I chose a simple shadow block and some inner highlights.

Basically, your font style can be changed without any editing. There are finishing touches to make your design stand out. But you have to be careful not to add too many special effects.

We designers must be aware of trends, tools and thought patterns in our profession. We learn and grow

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